Permanent Thread Repair Inserts

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C-Sert is a leading manufacturer of inserts to repair a thread permanently,
in heavy industrial applications where failure is unacceptable.

All C-Serts are self-tapping and self-aligning, with an integral die for truing up damaged or defective fasteners,
left-handed external engagement threads, and a lifetime warranty against failure and thread wear.

Standard and metric are suitable for almost all repairs of OEM threaded holes.


Permanent Thread Repair Inserts (C-Sert)

  • Thread repairs made easy in the field
  • Made of hardened and double-tempered tool steel
  • Self-tapping self-aligning, with an integral die for tuning up damaged or defective fasteners
  • Imperial and metric sizes available
  • Custom solutions and sizes available upon request

C-Sert Manufacturing warrants repairs made with C-Sert products for the lifetime of your equipment. This warranty provides for full product replacement and freight at no charge to the customer.