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N1 Industrial is Horsburgh & Scott's exclusive, go-to Canadian gearing solutions provider.


Horsburgh & Scott is the world leader in engineering and manufacturing custom gearing solutions for any market that needs strong, reliable gears. With over 130 years of engineering expertise in high torque, large gear drive systems, H&S uses the world's most advanced gear-cutting equipment and can duplicate virtually any gear geometry.

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Turnkey Gearing Solutions

  • Engineered, designed custom gearing & gear box solutions

    • Drop-in replacement gearboxes
    • Dominion gearbox parts, repairs and upgrades

  • Technical support and installation services
  • Rebuild, repair, fabrication, and gearbox testing
  • Project management
  • Field service and preventative maintenance
  • Heat treating and carburizing pits
  • Contract machining


Horsburgh & Scott has specialized in gearing for many markets and applications for over 130 years. They have the expertise to duplicate, replace, and repair virtually every gear shape, size, and make.

  • Spur, Helical, Double Helical, Planetary, Herribone, Worm Gears and More…
  • Expert Engineering Team
  • Precision Gear Cutting and Measuring Equipment


The Horsburgh & Scott engineering team has over 130 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining gearboxes in heavy duty applications around the world.

  • Reverse Engineering with Upgraded Gearbox Operation
  • Low Speed, High Torque to High Speed, High Power
  • Standard, OEM, and Fully Custom Gearbox Solutions


Horsburgh & Scott specializes in gearbox rebuild, repair, and redesign. In their 130 years of experience, they have seen virtually every type of gear across various markets and applications.

  • In-House Turnkey Gearing Solutions, No Outsourcing
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Plastics
  • Heat Treating and Carburizing for the most durable gears


Horsburgh & Scott has serviced and maintained virtually every type of gear and gearbox in a wide range of heavy duty applications. They have the expert engineers to correctly diagnose and repair and gearing issue from small to large.

  • Expert Gearbox Evaluations
  • On-Site Repair to Minimize Downtime
  • Engineering Expertise for Higher Productivity