N1 Industrial’s Strong Partnership with Horsburgh & Scott: A Legacy of Gearing Excellence

Fern Delarosbil

The Horsburgh & Scott (H&S) engineering team has over 135 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and maintaining gearing equipment in heavy-duty applications around the world. Fern Delarosbil, the Managing Director of N1 Industrial, has been working for H&S for over 18 years and has dealt with all gearing and rotating equipment applications. He has experience working in steel, mining, chemical, pulp & paper, oil & gas, and cement industries. Fern and his team at N1 Industrial provide customers across Canada with technical sales and support.

The relationship between N1 Industrial and H&S is critical to the growth and development of the industrial sector in Canada. With industries like mining, steel, oil and gas, and cement on the rise, the demand for reliable turn-key gearing solutions is needed. Our team's combined knowledge and experience with rotating equipment make N1 Industrial the trusted industrial sales provider for H&S in Canada.

Along with Horsburgh & Scott, N1 Industrial also offers additional products and services. We provide a wide range of fully integrated industrial solutions that complement the heavy mechanical industry. To learn more about N1 Industrial and our services, please get in touch with our team.

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